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>Thirsty Thursday

>Isn’t that what we all called it back in the college days. Sadly as an adult that’s not the case anymore. On plan for today is work, gym, laundry, dinner…woohoo exciting! Speaking of exciting…I have spring fever. I can feel it in my bones. I have an itch to get out there and do things. In fact I even planned to go out Saturday night like a real adult, for a fun night out on the town. You may think this isn’t a big deal but I hibernate like a bear in the winter and don’t leave the house when it’s cold if I can help it. Which means most nights I am home by 8PM…which for a social life a single thirty-something girl means life can be boring at times.

Also thursday (thanks to a local radio station) is Simple Pleasure day. So I am trying to think of some small pleasurse, one of the easy ones are puppies. Usually at least once a week I get to see the puppy that lives down the hall…she kinda looks like this:

I say kinda because I haven’t actually snapped a picture of her and I think that would be weird for my neighbor. I was lucky that today was a day I got to see cute puppy.

Another simple pleasure is clean sheets, since I plan on doing laundry I will have nice clean sheets to climb into bed tonight.



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