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So as part of my changing things journey I am attempting to eat healthier…I was good most of the week, sadly I wish the result was better. But I will not let it detract my from the good things in life like Zumba!! It’s a great workout and it’s fun…so in a while off I will go to a 45 minute zumba class. Many ask what Zumba is, the best way I can describe it is aerobics to dance music with lots of hip shaking. It’s fun and even if you don’t know what you are doing if you just keep moving you are having a good workout. 
Also on tap for Saturday is some cleaning, laundry, and planning for the next few days. I hate doing laundry, it’s not even the cleaning part I hate it’s the putting stuff away. 
Back to the eating healthy I went to one of my favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe’s, for a few quick things since I am traveling soon. I bought clementines, so I am hoping they are tasty and I bought some bananas…my favorite fruit. So how weird is this I read on someone else’s blog that bananas are berries because seeds are on the inside, luckily I am not allergic to bananas because that would be a VERY SAD DAY! I am not sure why they are berries, but I say grapes are too…which I love too, but i only like the seedless purple ones. I also bought some delish veggies: spinach, tomatoes,  broccoli, lettuce…lots of good stuff!! 
Ok off to start…or perhaps continue my day!

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