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>San Antonio Part 2


We arrived on Wednesday and promptly headed down to the river walk for a stroll and some lunch…and of course when in TX it’s necessary to start the day right with some made at the table guac! I love Mexican, but at this point I actually need a break for a few days, although i am thinking Tuesday will be Taco Tuesday….
We took a walk up and down the river, went to some cute shops in La Villita (many little paintings, photos, and nick-knacks). Sadly despite being on vacation work still called and we headed back to the hotel for rest and work…then out for more food. We found a cute little place called Manhattan Mexican. Since there was a bit of a wait for a table we decided to eat in the bar, which was a great choice!! We got to meet the owners, got more guac and some Mexican food. It was the best fajitas I have had in a VERY long time! And because we are lame, we headed back to the hotel after dinner and were asleep by 11….of course that’s central time so not as bad right?
Thursday we made our way over to the Alamo, which as most people said is underwhelming, good thing it’s free because after a quick walk through it was time to move on, and since we didn’t have breakfast we had an early lunch and stopped at BBQ place on the riverwalk on the way back to the hotel. Little did we realize when we planned our trip to TX did we know that the WHOLE DANG STATE was having spring break, so everywhere we went was packed! We tried to see of the local nature sites, some thing called safari and the zoo, but with such long waits we didn’t have time before the show….What show do you ask? The one, the only American IDOL, BON JOVI!! 
The concert was great, as always! But my favorite of his concerts so far has been in Nashville. 
Friday morning we did some work early in the AM, then headed to breakfast at a great restaurant find, Magnolia Pancake Haus it was delicious as predicted! Then up to Austin for our taste of South by Southwest, which was amazing, crazy, entertaining, and overwhelming! We didn’t really have a plan so we wondered around for a while, then found a few tasty frosty beverages, then some good music! I really liked a band from Santa Barbara CA, too bad I probably won’t see them again any time soon. It’s interesting because the bands change every 30-45 minutes so in a short time you can really get a feel for the music, but if you don’t like it you don’t have to wait too long. Also while there we saw a quick water gun fight in the street, it was pretty funny it just started out of nowhere, much like the snowball fights in Baltimore or DC. I wonder if it was announced via twitter?

Sadly we had to catch a flight Saturday morning so we left Austin by 8 to make it back to San Antonio for the night so we could relax Saturday morning before take off! And back to Baltimore we came.



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