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>Rainy Wednesday


So the day started out quite icky!! Rainy, rainy morning, I even left early, but I tried to make it better with a skinny caramel macchiato from Starbucks…but just after leaving the area, I continued on my drive into work and was greeted with this:
Good lord I HATE the new ICC traffic!! It was backed up for miles once again today on the road to pass by, but as I safely snapped this picture (stopped at a light) I made a left and continued my journey. 
Work was good today, I delivered another training on how to give and receive effective feedback. It always surprises me when I am having an icky day and then I interact with groups of people and I feel better. I guess it’s true I do get my energy from others, I am true to my E.
After work today I made another delicious meal. From scratch I created pesto sauce so that’s it’s low-fat, and still tasty! I then grilled some shrimp, mushrooms, and spinach and added the whole-wheat pasta at the end. I am super excited because I have leftovers for Friday!

I added a little mozzarella cheese at the end. Of course as much as I love cooking I hate the cleanup, and I have delayed it for a while…I guess eventually I will have to take care of that soon. 



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