>Simple pleasure Thursday


A few simple pleasures for my thursday included: Zumba at Curves, sunshine days (although I know Thursday was not one of them), teleworking fridays, and most importantly cute little kids.
Thursday nights are Zumba nights at curves….and I have really been enjoying it!
Sunshine days are always a simple pleasure, sadly Thursday was not really all that nice, ya know with all the tornado warnings in Maryland.
I am teleworking on Friday, which is a nice day to relax on the couch while I work. AND it just so happened that this friday was Royalty Wedding Friday…so although I was working I spent lots of the day watching some of the Royal Wedding.
A finally this Thursday was Take Your Child to Work day…and I got to see and hang out with lots of cute little kids. I enjoyed watching them get all excited for the fun things we planned for them that day.

>to blog or not to blog


so as I have said before I work in HR…and WOW today was one of those days where I would LOVE to blog each little bit of my day, get your feedback and then take it all back to try again tomorrow. But I have the constant dilemma of what’s ok to put out there on the interwebs about other people’s lives, vs what I put out there about mine. 
Yes I would stick only to facts!
Yes I would describe the situation, and without names to protect the not so innocent!

BUT as many of us know, it’s pretty easy to decide after reading if my post was about you.

so how do you find the balance? Others, what have you done? 
So speaking of personal life, I really don’t have much to report. Had dinner with one of my best friend’s tonight, which sometimes is all you need to get you through the day, that or a good workout. I plan to do the workout tomorrow as my de-stress activity.
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>Happy Easter

>I had a nice Easter Sunday, I hope you did too! I spent Easter dinner (yes I ate like a true Italian at 3PM) with 2 friends. We enjoyed the ham, homemade mac-n-cheese, green bean casserole (courtesy of Honey Baked Ham), salad (courtesy), and rolls. One friend brought the dessert, Cupcakes (vanilla with vanilla frosting) they were delish! For good or bad I had a feast for dinner, with only 3 of us there were lots of leftovers! Of course there wasn’t much mac-n-cheese, but that recipe was only for 4. I now have lunch for a few days.

Speaking of lunch, I need to get back on the making food bandwagon. I have taken a bit of a detour lately and well, that can get expensive and unhealthy, so back to it I am!

An to end, when will the rain stop? It’s been a bit stormy since about 4PM. The storms have taken turns, but since about 7 it’s been a pretty constant rain, thunder and lightening.!

>Not always a hit


Not every shopping trip let’s you walk away feeling like you are satisfied with your purchases or even the selection. Today was a day where I was about 45% satisfied, which for driving 2 hours to get to the shopping that is DEFINITELY not enough in my book. One highlight of the trip was a stop for tots at Sonic, because you know that makes the day better and they have sweet tea! I also found an Origins product, Rich Rewards, which I was looking for because my scalp has been quite dry for the last 2 weeks, like crazy dry!

After our trip I headed out to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s, to get a few last minute things for Easter tomorrow. One would think most people would be done their shopping by 6PM on the night before Easter, sadly they are not! It was quite busy there and they were definitely picked over…no Easter flowers for me! But that’s ok, one less thing I have to worry about tomorrow as I am prepping, cats eating flowers is no fun! 

I do wish I bought some Easter eggs though or a baskets to make cute little baskets for my guests tomorrow, Oh well! I have chocolate eggs for them instead.
Once i was home I made hamburgers for dinner on the George Foreman Grill, FYI I hate that dang thing! I hadn’t used it in probably a year, and now I remember why…I HATE IT!! It’s not so much the grill I hate it’s the cleaning of it. I have an old school one from 1997 or 1998, which means the grill plates are not removable. But I digress…as I ate dinner I watched ACM Girls Night Out which aired on Friday night, so I had it on DVR. It was just ok, but at the end Carried Underwood (who I am no longer a huge fan of) was amazing. So of course I will share with you:

that will be how I leave you for the evening….

>It’s Friday…It’s Friday


Oh Rebecca Black, you ruined that thought in my head! Here’s her Youtube video in case you don’t know who Rebecca Black is…
But I digress from that…it was quite the boring day at work. Got stuff done, but there weren’t a lot of people in the office. I did get to hear a great presentation on photography which was absolutely amazing! The photographer lives in Westchester, PA. Check out some of his amazing stuff on Flicker.  I wish I had talent like this. After the presentation I really did think of the world through a different lens (yes pun intended). After looking at the photos he showed during the presentation I really want to travel to pretty places just to take photos!
After work headed to pick up a yummy ham, at Honey Baked Ham, which although I know it’s going to be delicious, I was none to happy with the service at that location. I guess that’s what I get for not staying in the HoCo with my business!!
After my errands I headed to get my workout on at Curves. I was hoping for the endorphin release I received the rest of the week, sadly it didn’t work today. But I kept at it for the full 30 minutes then continued my evening of errands before settling in. Speaking of settling in, all this rain is so not cool! But at least I am cozy on my couch with a comfy fleece blanket.
I am now anxiously awaiting my Outlet trip with by shopping buddy tomorrow!! Until then I will get through the evening with General Hospital!