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>weird vibes

>So i am just cranky! Yes I bet it has something to do with it raining AGAIN. But it also has to do with not feeling comfortable at all last night. I just couldn’t seem to feel ok…it was hot, I was hot, i was just feeling out of sorts. I just went and read my horoscope for today, which gets delivered each day to my inbox, and I know this stuff probably isn’t totally real, and that we mold our thinking to believe it….but today’s was just too dead on not to share:

Today you might find yourself feeling a little low, Linda, though it doesn’t seem as if there’s any real reason for it. You may just have had a bad night and need some extra sleep. Some good news from far away could cheer you up in the afternoon, and you might receive an invitation to go out to dinner with a close friend. By evening you should be feeling your old self again.

It just described everything I was feeling! So I am hoping for that “good news or invitation” this afternoon. I am trying to focus on the positive, like I am joing Curves tonight! I am really excited about this because I feel like I need a change in my workout routine. I also have a friend who goes to that location so I am hopeful I will make an effort to meet her there.

I am also excited about travel…I have quite a few trips planned in the next few months and my FAV place is on that list…Nashville. I can’t believe this summer it will be 5 years since I first went to Nashville and I love it even more now than when I first went.



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