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>happy happy joy joy

>So it’s Thursday and on a local radio station (WPOC) that means simple pleasures. My simple pleasure for today is the sun, yup it’s just that easy. I convinced I am solar powered and need sunshine on a regular basis not to become a very unhappy person. This week has been particulary bad because we haven’t see the sun in days and work has been a bit stressful this week. Lots of drama in HR which by now I should be used to but sometimes it’s just a bit much….but as anything this too shall pass. 

So curves, I joined on Tuesday as promised, did my first workout and I really enjoyed it. Yesterday was workout 2…again it was good. What I really liked about this one is I got there after work and was still home by 6:30 AND there were lots of people in there so even if I didn’t chat with them I could listen to them chat. 

Not much else going on besides the SUN!! Can you sense my excitement?!?!



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