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>Feeling generous today!


I was having a rough morning so i was determined to turn it around!! I spilled (it just leaked) tomato sauce on my gym clothes this AM on the way to work. So i decided to start out that mess with more coffee, than the day started looking up….I ran to target to replace the gym clothes. The day was getting much better….than I made a  donation for a friend to her half-marathon run to benefit a Cancer Center in Howard county. If you are feeling generous and would like to donate too, I am sure she would appreciate it. Go Jen <donate here>!!!
After work I headed over to Curves, where I got my workout on for 45 minutes! Go me…I had a great time, which is awesome, and yes I get it’s only been workout #4 but still better than nothing. 
Then I met my Thirty-One consultant. I was hosting a catalog party and we closed it out today. I got lots of free stuff and a bunch of stuff for half-price. It was AWESOME!! I am actually thinking about being a consultant myself, a great way to earn some extra cash, and cute stuff! 
And finally, my feeling generous ended with my donation to the University of Delaware. I love that place! I need to head back up there for a true campus visit. The last few times I was there I just browsed (drove around), but now that the weather’s is warmer a walk around one of my favorite places would be awesome.
If your feeling generous please feel free to donate (or contact me about a Thirty-One party)!


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