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>It’s Friday…It’s Friday


Oh Rebecca Black, you ruined that thought in my head! Here’s her Youtube video in case you don’t know who Rebecca Black is…
But I digress from that…it was quite the boring day at work. Got stuff done, but there weren’t a lot of people in the office. I did get to hear a great presentation on photography which was absolutely amazing! The photographer lives in Westchester, PA. Check out some of his amazing stuff on Flicker.  I wish I had talent like this. After the presentation I really did think of the world through a different lens (yes pun intended). After looking at the photos he showed during the presentation I really want to travel to pretty places just to take photos!
After work headed to pick up a yummy ham, at Honey Baked Ham, which although I know it’s going to be delicious, I was none to happy with the service at that location. I guess that’s what I get for not staying in the HoCo with my business!!
After my errands I headed to get my workout on at Curves. I was hoping for the endorphin release I received the rest of the week, sadly it didn’t work today. But I kept at it for the full 30 minutes then continued my evening of errands before settling in. Speaking of settling in, all this rain is so not cool! But at least I am cozy on my couch with a comfy fleece blanket.
I am now anxiously awaiting my Outlet trip with by shopping buddy tomorrow!! Until then I will get through the evening with General Hospital!


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