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>Not always a hit


Not every shopping trip let’s you walk away feeling like you are satisfied with your purchases or even the selection. Today was a day where I was about 45% satisfied, which for driving 2 hours to get to the shopping that is DEFINITELY not enough in my book. One highlight of the trip was a stop for tots at Sonic, because you know that makes the day better and they have sweet tea! I also found an Origins product, Rich Rewards, which I was looking for because my scalp has been quite dry for the last 2 weeks, like crazy dry!

After our trip I headed out to my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s, to get a few last minute things for Easter tomorrow. One would think most people would be done their shopping by 6PM on the night before Easter, sadly they are not! It was quite busy there and they were definitely picked over…no Easter flowers for me! But that’s ok, one less thing I have to worry about tomorrow as I am prepping, cats eating flowers is no fun! 

I do wish I bought some Easter eggs though or a baskets to make cute little baskets for my guests tomorrow, Oh well! I have chocolate eggs for them instead.
Once i was home I made hamburgers for dinner on the George Foreman Grill, FYI I hate that dang thing! I hadn’t used it in probably a year, and now I remember why…I HATE IT!! It’s not so much the grill I hate it’s the cleaning of it. I have an old school one from 1997 or 1998, which means the grill plates are not removable. But I digress…as I ate dinner I watched ACM Girls Night Out which aired on Friday night, so I had it on DVR. It was just ok, but at the end Carried Underwood (who I am no longer a huge fan of) was amazing. So of course I will share with you:

that will be how I leave you for the evening….


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