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>Happy Easter

>I had a nice Easter Sunday, I hope you did too! I spent Easter dinner (yes I ate like a true Italian at 3PM) with 2 friends. We enjoyed the ham, homemade mac-n-cheese, green bean casserole (courtesy of Honey Baked Ham), salad (courtesy), and rolls. One friend brought the dessert, Cupcakes (vanilla with vanilla frosting) they were delish! For good or bad I had a feast for dinner, with only 3 of us there were lots of leftovers! Of course there wasn’t much mac-n-cheese, but that recipe was only for 4. I now have lunch for a few days.

Speaking of lunch, I need to get back on the making food bandwagon. I have taken a bit of a detour lately and well, that can get expensive and unhealthy, so back to it I am!

An to end, when will the rain stop? It’s been a bit stormy since about 4PM. The storms have taken turns, but since about 7 it’s been a pretty constant rain, thunder and lightening.!



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