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>to blog or not to blog


so as I have said before I work in HR…and WOW today was one of those days where I would LOVE to blog each little bit of my day, get your feedback and then take it all back to try again tomorrow. But I have the constant dilemma of what’s ok to put out there on the interwebs about other people’s lives, vs what I put out there about mine. 
Yes I would stick only to facts!
Yes I would describe the situation, and without names to protect the not so innocent!

BUT as many of us know, it’s pretty easy to decide after reading if my post was about you.

so how do you find the balance? Others, what have you done? 
So speaking of personal life, I really don’t have much to report. Had dinner with one of my best friend’s tonight, which sometimes is all you need to get you through the day, that or a good workout. I plan to do the workout tomorrow as my de-stress activity.


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