Bangkok or Chicago

>It was the amazing movie weekend…Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids. Let’s do a little recap, and see who comes out ahead…ok let’s be honest it depends what you are looking for to decide who comes out ahead.

Hangover 2 brings us to another wedding, this time for Stu instead of Doug. It started out as an innocent bachelors drinks on the beach and turned into another crazy night where instead of losing Doug they lose Stu’s soon to be brother-in-law Teddy! There were parts of this movie (that I don’t want to reveal in case you hadn’t seen it) that most people should NEVER see in their lives. I literally sat there with eyes covered going “oh no they didn’t just show that”. My poor eyes and mind will never be the same. And oh the monkey! I loved that little guy although he was a super scary monkey at times too. As a word of warning, don’t leave when it’s over…stay for the pictures from Teddy’s phone, because if you remember the first one the pictures were PRICELESS!

Bridesmaids…any woman I am sure can relate to the characters in this movie. But wow the hilarity they portrayed on screen was great! The relationship between old friend and new friends is one that many women struggle to find the right balance with, and sadly many of us (including this movie) don’t accomplish it with much grace. The unique way they portryaed each friend is probably how many of us (at least only in our own heads) think of our friends at times. Bridesmaids had a lot of funny scenes, that again you just don’t expect for a movie, they clearly pushed the envelope with this one.

Overall I would say both movies are not appropraite for children, they have the rated R rating for a reason, heed the warning! Also both movies have entertaining piece after the movie ends. Hangover 2 was just a clear comedy. I laughed every few minutes and there was no drama. Bridesmaids on the other hand was again VERY FUNNY!!! But it had a bit of drama thrown in there….and in the end I will vote that Hangover 2 is funnier.


Sometimes a Little Oprah is all you need

>I just watched history (ok history on my DVR) but still history. I have a voice that needs to be heard! And today listening to Oprah talking about it made it that much more true. Follow your passion, make a difference in the world and you, each one of you, has influence!

Influence is such an interesting concept. I think about it often actually, and how influence changes the path of life at any given moment. Hmm using influence to further your work, God’s work. And the thought, what you put into the world is what you get back, or what I consider karma….because let’s be honest I believe everything happens for a reason and even more importantly karma is something that is very real! I have so many instances in my life where I have experienced karma, both good and bad. Most recently I posted about birthday gifts, and at this point in my life there really isn’t much I need or want for, and what means more to me is your donation to Alzheimer’s foundation to support the good work they do! And guess what a good friend heard me and made a donation in my honor to Alzheimer’s!

Also because I don’t usually do this I had some serious hard conversations about being my a pebble….and it’s awesome how sometimes having the courage to speak up and be heard is amazing! I can actually say I am proud of myself today.

lemons or lemonade?


Trying to think things through isn’t too much fun! When life throws you lemons you make lemonade right? Well I am not sure I want to make the lemonade this time…I just want to keep the lemons and I am not sure if that’s going to work for me. Right now I have no idea what will work in this situation. It’s funny what makes you think of lemonade, I was driving around a bit this weekend with a friend and we passed a lemonade stand, so I guess that’s why I am thinking if I should make the lemonade. How cute is an old-fashion lemonade stand by some kids…of course it wasn’t the really old kind when we had sugar, water and lemons we squeezed inside the cup, nope it’s the already pre-made kind from a bottle (not even the powder like country time). I wonder if anything is pure any more? Of course now I want lemonade, I may have to do that tomorrow.
Does any of that make sense? Some days I am left to the thinking…and trying to bounce ideas off my own brain is kind of hard, yet being stuck between a rock and hard place isn’t easy. 
I am watching Private Practice from the last 5 or 6 weeks and wow this is tough stuff, lots of people trying to figure out how to be that rock or maybe that little pebble that is stuck between the crevice in life. 
are you that pebble? how do you become the rock? or do you just go on being the pebble and hope for a little movement in the earth to set you free?

>blogging before the blog party


So i have been totally ignoring my blog for the last few days because I have been CRAZY busy. So let’s recap the last few days. On Friday I celebrated my birthday with an amazing group of friends that I met at work. I am so lucky to be able to have a great group of people i can rely on and know they are awesome! Saturday was the work picnic at HighPoint Farm. They have a great facility and it was a great picnic despite the weather. The food was super delicious. Saturday night I was out celebrating with another group of friends. They are awesome in their own way by sticking by me all these years. We ate at Eggspectations and then out for a little party time (complete with live music) at Union Jacks. Sunday, was fun! I was up early to go see a few friends finish their first half-marathon. They were so impressive! Finished under 3 hours, which for the course is a great time, of course the first person finished in like 1 hour 18 minutes. It makes me really want to run a half, but I don’t think right now that’s possible, since I run NOT AT ALL!!
Then the work week started off with a bang. I worked late Monday night, then home to meet with condo board people to work on our rules and regs. Tuesday night was dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant in pretty much the whole world, Iron Bridge Wine Company. Of course I had some wine. 
We also had calamari and steak….can’t get much better than that. Oh wait yes you can, chocolate cake with peanut butter cream topping. 
Wednesday was our Health & Welfare Benefits Expo at work. I am so impressed with one of my coworkers, she did a fantastic job. Then I spent quality time with Curves
Besides all that I cooked crock pot lasagna, which I am so happy about because I have leftovers for lunch eat day this week. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a jam packed day, with lots of activities, like HoCo SHRM event in the AM then the HoCo Blogger party.
I want to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my friend Sherri for her unbelievably generous gift for my birthday. Many of you may think of all the material things I could have received, instead it as a donation in my name to the Alzheimer’s foundation. That means more to me than you know. If you would like to follow in her footsteps feel free to donate at

>Late update

>So since Blogger was down for a few days, or what seemed like eternity to many of us here are my simple pleasures from Thursday…here’s my favorite one, days of SUN!!! I will give you my ideal sun location, but any sun really will do.

The other simple pleasure are cute animal pictures, and so here’s one of my favorite.