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>Weekend Wrap-up


so I don’t know about you, but the whole weekend I kept trying to get new info about the Royal Wedding. It was fun watching every bit of it! I do wish I could have seen some of the late night party, and maybe even get to hear Prince Harry’s bestman’s speech
After all the wedding frenzy the rest of the weekend was not much of a comparison. I had lunch with a friend on Saturday, then yummy fro-yo with another friend, then finally got to visit a new addition for a friend…her cute baby boy! And oh wow, he was very cute and so little, since he was just born that’s to be expected. I got to hold him for what seemed like forever, but really it was only about 30 minutes. Then went out to dinner and errands.
Sunday was another day of spending time with a baby, although this baby is a bit older. She is 9 months at the end of this week. She was so much fun….she is was so good too! Barely any crying, and she sat and smiled for all of her pictures.
Then finally i went to pick up my Thirty-One stuff!! I was so excited about all of it. I am actually thinking (ok almost decided) to become a Thirty-One consultant….so if you want a party, let me know. 
Finally here I sit on my couch and I have become the old cranky lady, I live near a live concert venue and I am actually glad they have a 10PM curfew, because now I can go to bed on time. It was so loud tonight I felt like I was in the venue. Which I know I will enjoy once it’s a concert that I want to hear, sadly today was not one of those nights.


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