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>It’s everywhere and always present


The big news of the last 24 hours with Bin Laden trumps so much in the world! The people have already forgotten the Royal Wedding, the tornado victims, and so many other news items that were important just 24 hours ago. I almost feel like the news of his death is almost as memorable as the news of 9/11 happening. We all remember where we were that beautiful Tuesday morning, what we were doing, and how we felt after it….I remember sitting in my car not believing it was real, watching TV and thinking this can’t be happening, and most importantly wondering if everyone I know was ok. Sadly i can’t say everyone was ok, but I can say thankfully my closest family and friend survived that horrible day.  Listening to Obama last night depict what so many of us were feeling on 9/11 and the month and years after that really hit close to home once again. I pray this will bring an end, but yet I fear it’s only the beginning…that more is yet to come. But even with all of that happening I keep thinking about what’s even more real…what’s even more present….
What’s always present these days is Alzheimer’s.
Huh, What, How, you may ask….why is Alzheimer’s always present? I lost my grandmother to it only a few short months ago, and each day there seems to be a reminder. A country song (she calls me Raymond)….
Or watching a TV show (Grey’s Anatomy has a very big story line on Alzheimer’s) or watching a commercial, or seeing a tweet…it’s EVERYWHERE! So if you wonder what you can do for me, there isn’t much, but each person can make a difference. Go volunteer, go donate to Alzheimer’s research, go find someone that needs your help and do it. Hopefully one day we will find a cure for this and I won’t have to see another family member suffer, or experience this disease for myself.


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