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>over the hump


I think I may have literally gotten over the workout hump! I am actually really enjoying going to curves, and weirdly it energizes me. I was super tired leaving work today but I still went, and after my 30 minutes I felt great!! I even thought about continuing but i got there late and I was hungry so home I came to make a healthy dinner. I had a quick salad and homemade pizza on whole wheat dough. It was very tasty….I wish I remembered to take a picture because it actually looked really good too!
It’s been a rough week for me. I haven’t really wanted to socialize a whole lot after work….once I get home I hunker down for the evening and just don’t want to be invaded by people. I have been reflecting a lot on life, and my place in it. I have a lot of hopes and dreams and now I have been working on them to make it all come true. Sadly I am going to be the secretive one and not share the master plan….only me and the Lord know!


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