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>things that make you go hmmm

>I was in NY for Mother’s day weekend…and coming back everyone asks “How was it?”, well since I was visiting family and basically just hanging out with my parents I never quite now how to answer it. I mean nothing bad happened, but it was also the same family time thing, so it’s not like I was traveling for what I consider fun or excitement. It was nice as usual to spend time with the parents, sleep in late because no kitty cats to wake me up early, and have my comfort food from NY. If you have ever been to, lived in, or let’s be honest know about NY you know bagels are one of those comfort foods. I also had chinese food (can’t seem to find a good place near me) and I had my favorite Italian cookies from Dortoni’s bakery. So overall besides the traffic on Friday (6.5 hour drive that should take 4) it was a good trip.

Birthday blues….I remember back in the day where I would LOVE to celebrate my birthday! I would start at least a week before, usually on Mother’s day because I was born on Mother’s day, and continue for at least a week later. But recently birthdays aren’t fun! I feel as once you get past a certain age they are just the necessary evil. I also don’t feel as my life is any different now than it was a year ago. I have visited some new places but that’s about it. I also wonder if I would feel different about celebrating if I had a signifant other who could make me feel special for the day. There is so much more I could say about this topic but i will stop there.

Other things that make you go hmmm are things like TV shows that have great lines….one of the best from last night was “Things have to fall apart to make way for better things”


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