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so I have been thinking about what will get me energized again? I was talking to a friend tonight about how when i turn 32 this weekend I won’t be much different than I was at 31. Is that necessarily a bad thing, probably not because I have a pretty dang good life. I own my condo, I have a great job, an awesome SUV and great friends.Perhaps I am missing that someone special significant other, but I can’t complain too much. I live the life that allows me to enjoy the finer things like wine, good food at Iron Bridge and of course TRAVEL!! Oh and don’t forget the occasional Coach purse (yes I have quite a few).
So here I sit thinking of some new plans…one of them I may need some help with. As you may remember I mentioned how Alzheimer’s runs in my family, and how I have a passion to help the cause and find a cure. So what I am thinking is how I can turn some of my strengths into making a difference for the Alzheimer’s world. That being said I may be asking for all of you to help me in this journey and make a difference with me. Yes I know we ask so many people for their support for so many things, and we all have a personal connection, but after watching TV the last few weeks, losing my grandmother, and a few other things I truly believe we are on the brink of greatness when it comes to Alzheimer’s research. Stay tuned for how you too can help me on my journey! In the mean time feel free to donate to Alzheimer’s  for me or in memory of someone you lost to this horrible disease that is hard not only on the patient but the family that has to watch and endure the pain. 

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