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lemons or lemonade?


Trying to think things through isn’t too much fun! When life throws you lemons you make lemonade right? Well I am not sure I want to make the lemonade this time…I just want to keep the lemons and I am not sure if that’s going to work for me. Right now I have no idea what will work in this situation. It’s funny what makes you think of lemonade, I was driving around a bit this weekend with a friend and we passed a lemonade stand, so I guess that’s why I am thinking if I should make the lemonade. How cute is an old-fashion lemonade stand by some kids…of course it wasn’t the really old kind when we had sugar, water and lemons we squeezed inside the cup, nope it’s the already pre-made kind from a bottle (not even the powder like country time). I wonder if anything is pure any more? Of course now I want lemonade, I may have to do that tomorrow.
Does any of that make sense? Some days I am left to the thinking…and trying to bounce ideas off my own brain is kind of hard, yet being stuck between a rock and hard place isn’t easy. 
I am watching Private Practice from the last 5 or 6 weeks and wow this is tough stuff, lots of people trying to figure out how to be that rock or maybe that little pebble that is stuck between the crevice in life. 
are you that pebble? how do you become the rock? or do you just go on being the pebble and hope for a little movement in the earth to set you free?


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