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Sometimes a Little Oprah is all you need

>I just watched history (ok history on my DVR) but still history. I have a voice that needs to be heard! And today listening to Oprah talking about it made it that much more true. Follow your passion, make a difference in the world and you, each one of you, has influence!

Influence is such an interesting concept. I think about it often actually, and how influence changes the path of life at any given moment. Hmm using influence to further your work, God’s work. And the thought, what you put into the world is what you get back, or what I consider karma….because let’s be honest I believe everything happens for a reason and even more importantly karma is something that is very real! I have so many instances in my life where I have experienced karma, both good and bad. Most recently I posted about birthday gifts, and at this point in my life there really isn’t much I need or want for, and what means more to me is your donation to Alzheimer’s foundation to support the good work they do! And guess what a good friend heard me and made a donation in my honor to Alzheimer’s!

Also because I don’t usually do this I had some serious hard conversations about being my a pebble….and it’s awesome how sometimes having the courage to speak up and be heard is amazing! I can actually say I am proud of myself today.



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