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Bangkok or Chicago

>It was the amazing movie weekend…Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids. Let’s do a little recap, and see who comes out ahead…ok let’s be honest it depends what you are looking for to decide who comes out ahead.

Hangover 2 brings us to another wedding, this time for Stu instead of Doug. It started out as an innocent bachelors drinks on the beach and turned into another crazy night where instead of losing Doug they lose Stu’s soon to be brother-in-law Teddy! There were parts of this movie (that I don’t want to reveal in case you hadn’t seen it) that most people should NEVER see in their lives. I literally sat there with eyes covered going “oh no they didn’t just show that”. My poor eyes and mind will never be the same. And oh the monkey! I loved that little guy although he was a super scary monkey at times too. As a word of warning, don’t leave when it’s over…stay for the pictures from Teddy’s phone, because if you remember the first one the pictures were PRICELESS!

Bridesmaids…any woman I am sure can relate to the characters in this movie. But wow the hilarity they portrayed on screen was great! The relationship between old friend and new friends is one that many women struggle to find the right balance with, and sadly many of us (including this movie) don’t accomplish it with much grace. The unique way they portryaed each friend is probably how many of us (at least only in our own heads) think of our friends at times. Bridesmaids had a lot of funny scenes, that again you just don’t expect for a movie, they clearly pushed the envelope with this one.

Overall I would say both movies are not appropraite for children, they have the rated R rating for a reason, heed the warning! Also both movies have entertaining piece after the movie ends. Hangover 2 was just a clear comedy. I laughed every few minutes and there was no drama. Bridesmaids on the other hand was again VERY FUNNY!!! But it had a bit of drama thrown in there….and in the end I will vote that Hangover 2 is funnier.



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