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pebble or rock

>I think I liked defining myself as a pebble. For those of you who know me in real life, know I am short so sometimes I use that to my advantage as a snake my way through a crowd, just nearly walking what feels like under people…so I am that pebble.

Lot’s going on recently, but I feel like I have received amazing (and in some cases unexpected) support to help push this pebble along and remind me to not become that rock! Because guess what folks, rocks are a whole lot harder to move than a pebble.

Today on PB Fingers (a blog I follow) Julie announced she is following her passion for writing and blogging and has quit her job. I am so impressed by her step into the unknown, but also by her ability to recognize her passion and decide to take a leap of faith on it. She is a great writer (at least from what I have read) and I do think she will become quite successful.

Finally the thoughts that have been on everyone’s mind (at least on the East Coast) is the unbelievable heat and humidity we are experiencing. It’s been quite warm and I will admit I have even avoided the heat at times, but I would much rather this heat to any cold day of the year! Plus we always have air conditioning.



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