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happy friday y’all

>I have a bit of my country love coming through this weekend! I am going to tailgate at a Kenny Chesney concert for a few hours on Saturday…and I am super excited! I haven’t tailgated in quite a while, and we even planned this whole thing out a few days ahead of time….yes we are dorks!

I want to share some pictures with you today, so here’s some country love!

Ok yes so that’s Keith Urban and not Kenny Chesney, but I haven’t seen Kenny yet so Keith will have to do do. AND I am going to see Keith in a few weeks, so it works too! So I will post some Kenny pictures on Sunday after the concert.

Also Fridays are awesome, because well it’s a friday and the weekend is here and I have lots of fun planned for this weekend. I am also teleworking today, which meant I got to sleep in a little later since I don’t have to commute, and I am sitting on my couch in comfy clothes.

Also we have great forecast of nice weather for the rest of the week…YAY for summer sun and warm weather.



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