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concert review


Yesterday was crazy fun! I went with a few friends to see the Kenny Chesney concert last night at FedEx Field, and he brought some friends: Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, and Zac Brown Band. Overall I would rate it a good concert experience, of course I compare every concert now to some of the amazing shows I have been to…which ones you ask? Well Bruce Springsteen to name one and of course Bon Jovi:
I really enjoyed Zac Brown Band the best…they play to the crowd really well and I love their tone. I think one thing I love about them is their stage presence, sadly I forgot my camera, so here’s a quick iPhone pic.
ZBB played the Devil went down to Georgia which is always amazing, especially the fiddle playing. Of course they also played Toes (which is one of my favorite songs).  ZBB also came out at the end of the concert to play a set with Kenny Chesney (they played about 6 songs together).
Kenny made an explosive entrance (not sure if you can see him in this picture, look for the bright light). He came in from the middle of the crowd and ended up on stage after “flying” over the crowd.
So this was my first Kenny Chesney concert and I can see why he has been entertainer of the year several times but it just wasn’t the AMAZING show everyone talks about. I do know the people I was with had a great time. They loved the show, but they are also big Kenny fans, and I do know most of his music, let’s be honest if you listen to country radio so do you, but I wouldn’t say it was in the top 5 shows I have ever seen.
Ok people, so you tell me: Who’s you favorite person to see live? What are one or two of the top 5 shows you have seen?


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