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>I have been thinking a lot about how to focus this blog on more than just daily life and I have seen that it helps to really have a focus. My post on the Concert Review was very well read, which makes me think other reviews would be read as well. As you have guessed I live in Howard County, MD so I do try out new restaurants in and around the HoCo and have some of my favorite local places.

Last night I went to Second Chance Saloon in the Oakland Mills village center, which I know has received quite a bit of press as of late because of an incident there a few weeks ago. Tuesday night is half price burger night and for some reason I have been on a hamburger kick…in the last few weeks I have made my own, been to Red Robin (in Columbia), Chammps (in Columbia) and Green Turtle (in Columbia) and each time I ordered a burger.

Out of all 4 places I think my burger last night from Second Chance ranked highest on my list. It was the right amount of juiceness for a burger and also had great meaty taste. They also have REALLY YUMMY bacon (which I had as well). In addition to round out the great meal Second Chance makes their own homemade chips with a little bit of Old Bay Seasoning. There isn’t much more I don’t love than some old bay on chips or fries or even vegetables for that matter.

Who’s your favorite burger place? Either a local place or a chain.


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