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Sushi restaurant review

Restaurant review this time for sushi. I went to a fairly new place in Laurel, Sake Japanese Steak House. Our first trip Memorial Day weekend did not disappoint so we wanted to come back. We even had the same waitress on Friday night as last time and she remembered us. Her friendliness was very nice and welcoming. Also we met the manager this time and he was super friendly and sweet.

On our first experience we did the hibachi lunch, but since we were starving (and love sushi) we had 2 rolls as an appetizer. Be warned you do not need any but the hibachi dinner though, they give you a HUGE amount of food that is absolutely tasty. The 2 rolls we had, crunchy tuna and black dragon, were very appetizing and we knew a return trip was in order. Let’s talk a little about the hibachi from Memorial Day weekend. Sake serves miso soup (great flavor for such plain soup), salad with ginger dressing (could have put a little less dressing on) and then your main entrée. I ordered the scallops and steak, which came with fried rice and veggies. Sake’s hibachi grill master used the perfect amount of seasonings to make a delectable flavor and the fried rice was near perfection. Of course, part of the fun of a hibachi dinner is the show from the grill master. He was very friendly and engaging, even with no kids at the table. The shrimp throwing trick was done nearly flawless since I even caught one!

Now the whole reason we went back, the sushi . . . wow, scrumptious!! We tried 5 different rolls this time: spicy California, spicy salmon avocado, spicy tuna, eel avocado and the red dragon. The spicy flavors came through in the rolls without overpowering the raw fish. As many places I love the eel sauce because how deliciously sweet it tastes. I really need to figure out where to buy that stuff (maybe the H MART) because I want to put that stuff on everything! The red dragon roll has shrimp tempura, spicy yellow tail, avocado and salmon. Those flavors blended together to create a little party in my mouth. I wish I had taken pictures but sadly we were too hungry to think of that.

So next time you are looking for good local sushi, try out Sake. But of course peeps I would love to hear:

Where do you go for kick-ass sushi?

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