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Where do you reminisce?

Today I made the drive up to an old stomping ground, The University of Delaware, to have brunch at my favorite restaurant from college days, Klondike Kate’s! I arrived in record time and stopped off at Starbucks on Main St (across from Kate’s), which is surprising because 10 years ago when I graduated UD there was no Starbucks. In fact after our walk down Main St. today was a whole new experience because of the new places.

We started at Kate’s where I spent countless college nights hanging with friends celebrating birthdays (before we were 21) and party nights out after turning 21.

Saturday nights were 80’s dance party and we sang out hearts out. Each night usually ended with my friends and I singing out of tune to Livin on a Prayer. We of course being seniors made a voyage to Kate’s on Tuesdays for half-price nacho night. So definitely instead of having breakfast food at brunch today, I had their famous nachos (here’s a pic mid meal).

Once again the nachos did not disappoint. The deliciously sweet chili and spicy jalapenos with the melty cheese made for a very happy Linda. As I sat there with my college friends we talked about many of the good times we had at UD and wondered what happened to some of our friends from back in the day. The two of them are part of a very small group of people I am still friends with from college.

After our brunch we decided to take a walk down memory lane . . . sadly many of the old places we visited are no longer there, and even worse they have been replaced by chain restaurants instead of local mom and pop locations. One of my favorite coffee houses, Brewed Awakenings, is still there. That made me happy! Friday afternoons a few friends and I would go to Brewed Awakenings to “study” and do homework, we usually stayed for lunch and coffee. We probably would have been more productive alone, but where is the fun in that? During our walk down memory lane I bought a few UD items to bring back with me, and you will get to see the new purchases soon I am sure.

No trip to Delaware is complete without a stop at Capriotti’s for a turkey sandwich. You are probably wondering what’s so good about it. The bread is homemade, the turkey is fresh (slow roasted, pulled turkey), and well it just reminds me of college.

You see how tasty that looks, Charlie (the orange kitty in the picture) even wants some. It was hard keeping him away. It was the perfect turkey sandwich and I will continue to stop at Capriotti’s each time I am passing through and they are open, which sadly isn’t enough.

So peeps, where do you go for a walk down memory lane?



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