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glorious Wednesday with crazy thoughts

Today’s weather was beyond amazing, it was the perfect amount of sun, clouds, heat and breeze! I had the chance to steal a few minutes (ok a whole 45) outside for lunch. Also I decided am ready to dive in with using my kindle more, so I took it to lunch and read while eating my hodgepodge of lunch. I went to the little café next to my office (which is not a favorite of mine, but all I had time for) and ordered a spinach melt. To add to that I had some grapes, orange soda (again something I never have, because I don’t drink soda), and some chips. I never realized how much I would like the kindle while I eat. I finally get what all the buzz is about! I was able to read and eat, because I only needed one clean finger, and I didn’t have to hold anything.


Moving back to the weather . . . I enjoyed just being able to sit outside, take it in and not have to interact with anyone. I am a very social person, and love people, but sometimes even I need a little quiet time.  It was perfect to just sit, eat, read, and enjoy the glorious day!


As my day continued I worked on my PowerPoint and associated materials for training I am delivering on performance management, specifically on how to rate competency behaviors and writing SMART goals. But my mind wandered to the idea of figuring out a way to organize a flash mob at the SHRM 2011 National Conference. How awesome would that be? Of course I have no idea how to do something like a flash mob, but I do know the power of social media and perhaps that can be an avenue to explore.


I am excited for the next couple of weeks, I have a lot of fun stuff planned (sadly not much down time) so stay tuned for lots of food, concerts, travel reviews!


What do you do to escape for even just 15 minutes?






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