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BGR Review

So i used my groupon today to try out the BGR restaurant in Columbia. I enjoyed the meal I like to call dunch, you know that weird time between lunch and dinner. I guess you could call it supper (isn’t that what our grandparents used to do)?


I ordered the regular burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and onions. I also figured I would try the roasted garlic fries . . . here’s what my dunch looked like:

So now I am sure you want to know what I thought. The burger was very tasty, quite juicy meat (i ordered it medium) and the vadalia onions were grilled to perfect caramelized sweetness.The fries on the other hand weren’t anything special, and for just over $3 probably not worth a repeat. The burger was yummy though so I may be back but over $7 for just a burger with no real frills or service is a bit pricey.


I did enjoy the neat soda machine, it looks very eco friendly. It’s digital and they allow you to touch the screen to choose a soda type, including light lemonade and water. You then put your cup under the dispenser and press start . . . super cool!



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