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renewed love of HR

Not that I actually had fallen out of love with HR, but being surround by nearly 15,000 hr professionals creates a buzz like not many things!


Perhaps lately that might not be true since I saw U2 last week and Garth Brooks on Saturday (review later), but really I am loving the energy from just 1 full day of HR sessions! I got my bum out of bed for the first 7AM session and hit the ground running. Talent Anarchy, with Joe and Jason, was a great way to start the day and I am now pondering my social capital, and realizing I need to be better at the follow up. I make pretty good first connections, but the staying in touch over time for me is just hard!


Then Arianna Huffington was was our keynote speaker for the morning session…she was AWESOME! I enjoyed her candor with the audience, and would love to create nap rooms in my organization (as well as many other great ideas). She also a new love of mine the PATCH news sites, we have a local Columbia Patch. Walking around the exhibit hall I actually made a few new connections to not just companies but people looking for the same things I am in their HR departments.


The 2PM session was a bit of a disappointment (I took a few notes on employee engagement, but didn’t really learn anything). My late 4PM session on training your front line managers on business practices was really informative and actually gives me a new way to look at some of the training I want to do with our employees. I have a great master plan for the next year for training and now I am even more excited to implement!


So yes peeps, coming to SHRM (even in Vegas) I am actually learning a few great things I and I have already started to implement, which really is all we want from a conference, things we can do NOW!


But no fun in Vegas would just be wrong, so out tonight to see Natasha Bedingfield, courtesy of Monster and Eric Winegardner.


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