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U2, Garth, Keith . . . concert reviews

So as I have mentioned at times I get to live the life of a rockstar and occasionally it all happens in quick succession. As was the case for June 22 through June 28. Yes I realize that means I am a but delayed in giving you all the inside details of the amazing concerts I attended, but those who wait are rewarded with pictures!

Up first was U2

I have been asked if this was my favorite of all time . . . well it was  a great show! I felt like I was watching 2 hours of a super bowl show. U2 entertained the audience with all of their biggest hits. You can see the full set list at Midnight Sun but was it my best show EVER! Nope, not even close. I would still say Bruce Springsteen from 2009 has been by far the best show ever.

Next up was Garth Brooks in Vegas at the Wynn Hotel. Sadly this show did not allow for video or pictures during the show, so all I can share with you is the empty stage that awaited Garth . . . just his stool and guitar look so sad there without the man!

Garth’s show was outstanding! He interacted with the audience for what felt like the whole show, and we had a special guest, his wife Trisha Yearwood sing 3 songs as well. Garth took us through his life through music and talked about his parents, siblings, and all the great musicians that influenced his life over the years. Each time he started to talk about a new artist he would break into song with one of the artist’s greatest hits. He sang a beautiful version of Sweet Baby James from James Taylor.

Garth of course ended with one of his most famous songs Friends in Low Places (I would love to link to a youtube video here, but the evil empire of copyright law doesn’t allow that to happen). I was blown away at how he and the crowd sang along and didn’t miss a beat! It was perfect harmony. Everyone was on their feet signing along with each word. Garth played for nearly 2 hours (which considering he had to do a second show is awe inspiring) and entertained me every second of the 2 hours.

The final show of the week (that’s worth mentioning) was Keith Urban. And this one my friends was kind of free, it was included in my SHRM 2011 conference fee. Keith once again did not disappoint. I saw him once before a few years ago and was astonished at the how well he plays guitar and how often he switches between them all.

Keith also is a rarity in music in that he really interacts with the crowd like no one else. How you ask? Well does anyone else come out into the crowd twice in a show, stand on top of a box half way in the crowd and play a few songs, then run right past you. Yes I did get to touch Keith as he ran by! Here’s  a blury picture of him running through.

In his second round through the crowd Keith stopped and gave his guitar to a SHRM attendee. And to make it more interesting Keith brought 3 SHRM attendees up on stage to do a quick contest to see who could sing Kiss a Girl best. The first girl he chose sang all the words and really had a decent voice. She got to stay on stage and sing the whole song with Keith. If I was her I would have fainted for sure, and there would be no way in that amount of pressure could I remember the words to the song!


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