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Stay Tuned…Rockstar life continues

I have been out of touch for the last few days living the life as a rockstar. But now I am back to reality and back to life in HR.

Where did my rockstar life take me? Back to an old favorite, Nashville, TN. The home of country music! It’s a place, in my opinion, like no other that I have been to so far, which is why I keep going back time and time again for the last 5 years. The down home southern charm of the people is wonderful, the music is of course great to listen to (and free), and the city is just cute. It has a small down town area that lends itself to all types of culture and fun.

A short drive away you can go to quaint older towns like Franklin, TN or drive through the country and end up in Lynchberg at the Jack Daniels distillery, or even go through Bell Meade and look at the old homes and plantations that date back prior to the civil war.

In the evenings head down to Broadway or 2nd street and take part in any of the many locations offer live music. In recent months many of the locations went smoke free which adds to the viewing experience. A local favorite of mine is Second Fiddle on Broadway, and we listened to the Shawn and Hobby Band twice!


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