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Awesome weekend of sun and food!

My weekend started early on Friday at noon (we have half day Fridays at my organization, one of the reasons I love it) with a trip to the Amish market in Laurel. I has delish pretzel log…with the amazing steak and cheese (first time for this one), but the perfect little lunch. It was sweet and salty and cheesy all at the same time. What more could you ask for? I made my way over to the meat counter to stock up! I was completely out of most things and my freezer was looking a little bare. So I bought ground sirloin, bacon, Italian sausage, lunch meat turkey, and the most AMAZING veal ever! Then a quick stop at chicken counter for some boneless skinless chicken and chicken thighs.

I then headed home to decide what to make for dinner with all this amazingly fresh food. The veal was calling my name! I started with making some homemade tomato sauce (the only thing not homemade about it was the tomatoes since those were from a can). I let that simmer for a few hours and then made veal cutlet parmesan (as you can see below)!


Saturday I started the day with a workout at Curves, then I headed to a “me” day! I did the thing I needed so much, put my feet in the sand! I wish I could have made the drive down to the beach, but I just didn’t have a 3 hour drive (and possibly more with traffic) in me…so local it was. I was surprised at how perfect the experience was for me. I headed up to Oregon Ridge Park to the “beach“. Ok so it wasn’t a beach, but it was good enough in a pinch…it had sand, it had water (see below), but it didn’t have the smell of the ocean!

I drove up and kept thinking…where is this beach? But you walk down the hill, come out of the little building and poof there it is! It used to be an old quarry, and now it reminds me of a lake from my childhood. I grew up being lucky enough to have grandparents that owned a summer home in PA at Hemlock Farms, and we spent many weekends there! It was the perfect peaceful place as a child. You had to occupy your time with books or games because there was no tv…or you made your way into the woods thinking it was ok to look for the bear den (which by the way was dumb) or finding a deer to feed, but I digress. Being at Oregon Ridge reminded me of my childhood, and I look forward to the day where I can share it with my kids (if I ever have any). I put out the sheet, unpacked my magazines and settled in. After my first “swim” I had a picnic lunch (turkey from the Amish market) and then relaxed some more. All in all I was there about 4 hours and it was a perfect escape from reality!

Saturday night I had dinner with a friend at the green turtle. I was sadly disappointed with my burger and only ate half, so as you remember from my burger tour I thought I would like it!

Sunday has been another day of relaxation. I ran some errands, met a friend at starbucks for coffee (and sitting in the sun), and then home again for Women’s World Cup soccer!

The weather this weekend has been amazing as well! It’s been the perfect amount of heat during the day, with the pretty sunshine, and the cooling off at night that makes sitting outside perfect! I do wish I had a deck with a grill (and perhaps a cute boy manning the grill) with a drink in hand to enjoy the evening…I guess my own company will have to be enough for tonight until I can make the other piece happen.

How did you spend your weekend?



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