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A new business venture

So it’s more for fun than a true business venture, but it’s official I am Thirty One consultant.

You can view my website at http://www.mythirtyone.com/LCastronovo/

So what’s Thirty-One all about: The mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners. We have seen this mission played out across the years in the individual lives of so many women who now have their own “Thirty-One Story”. Our products are exclusive to Thirty-One and provide style and convenience at an amazingly affordable price. From our key product line, to our “direction” line for teens, or our uniquely crafted “31kid” line for children and moms, you will find so many options to fit every personality type and every situation. We continue to develop new products built on the idea that our products must be stylish, functional, affordable and easy to give as gifts to encourage someone special.

What’s neat are products are stylish, and you can personalize anything! You don’t even have to personalize with just initials, you can put fun stuff like: beach bag, car stuff, munchies, delish treats, or your creative saying!



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