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Warmer weather…and seafood!

So it seems all anyone can talk about these days is the weather! And I agree it’s hot…but I definitely prefer this to the a snow storm!!! I don’t want to talk just about the weather, because let’s be honest even I (lover of the warmth) have not spent a whole lot of time outside the last few days!

So what have a I been doing? I had a massage on friday evening, which was AWESOME! But of course now I want another one stat . . . why do they have to be so expensive?

Saturday I had a great day with an old friend. It’s amazing to me how after not seeing someone for months at a time you can just easily fall back into chatting.We went down to the bay and I got to smell the ocean! Then we had dinner at this seafood restaurant. It was a little restaurant that probably had the less then 30 tables, but the food was so delicious!

Jerry’s is clearly a family owned restaurant, as the owner stopped by our table just to check on our experience. And he was such a sweet man! They also bring out tasty treats for you try as you are sitting there, we got the fresh baked (still hot) rolls, and haddock. I chose the combo dish for my meal which included a crab cake (not just any crab cake), haddock and 2 sides (I had fresh MD sliced tomatoes and french fries with old bay). The crab cake was the BEST EVER and I am serious! As you know I am the restaurant guru to try new places. A few years ago friends and I went on a search for the best crab cake in Baltimore, well this beat it by far!! The crab cake didn’t have ANY FILLER!!! Yes you read that right and the crab meat was super chunky and sweet. The haddock was lightly fried but the beer batter just added to the already tasty haddock. The tomatoes were as expected, OUT OF THE WORLD!! I love fresh from the farm tomatoes . . . and wish I had a space for a garden to make my own yummy tomatoes. I got lucky though and was sent home with a bunch from my friend’s garden. Overall it was a great experience . . . and now I have a reason to head back down to Southern Maryland just for food!

So life of the rockstar has been on hiatus…but even rockstars need a vacation!



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