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perfect saturday

Today has been nearly a perfect Saturday! I woke up when I wanted to. I had my morning coffee while checking up on favorite blogs, Facebook, email and other things on the inter-webs. I watched the morning news (or at least it was on in the background).

I then headed out for a what turned out to be a very good day. Picked up a friend, and it was nice because in the last few months we haven’t had much time to do fun girlie things together! We headed first to the mall for a little shopping. I ended up with a new bed set! I have been looking for one for months, but sometimes it’s the assistance of others that make it possible. So here’s what it looks like (obvisoly) not on my bed yet . . . need to wash it first, plus mine looks more purple than this silverish that it looks below.

After a successful mall trip we headed to lunch at my FAVORITE Mexican place in Columbia El Azteca. Ok I guess it’s really in Clarskville, but whatever! I love it because it’s authentic food with real ingredients. Nothing there tastes processed, it’s all made fresh. For the chicken they use shredded chicken that you get when you make a whole bird! It was extra special today because even though it was the weekend you could still order from their lunch specials.

After lunch we had some pool time! Oh how I miss pool time . . . the weather was priceless! It was sunny, warm with a nice breeze and the water was a perfect temperature. It cooled you off without making you feel like you would freeze by getting it. In fact it was quite comfortable to just sit for a while in the water.We spent a few hours there before I headed home.

So perfect Saturday continues . . . I am going to meet another friend at Starbucks and then who knows where the night will take me!


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