There’s a hint of fall in the air

I was inspired by a friend to write about the fall. With the hint of Fall this morning, I was thinking about it getting colder and I am not sure yet how I feel about that! There are plenty of things I love about fall, yet I am not quite ready for summer to end since I haven’t made it to the beach all summer. Although I am beginning to think perhaps that’s not in the cards this year, the night time visit (from Long Island) was quite worth it and may have to be enough!

I really enjoy fall, however I don’t really like winter, which comes after fall. I go into hibernation mode once the winter comes and I venture out only when necessary. I find excuses to stay home as often as possible. Of course I still have to head to work and stuff but the fun factor takes a dive come the winter.

Things I do love about fall are:

  • Fall shopping means outlet shopping . . . and well that’s my favorite kind! I usually head down to Rehoboth Beach outlets with my friend. We make a day of it, and make sure to stop at Sonic at some point during our trip since there are really none in the immediate area.
  • Fall also means lots of activities . . . I  feel kind of weird because although August has been busy, but fall is looking to be even busier! I have lots of concerts planned, lots of parties planned, lots of Thirty-One events planned, and most importantly some travel planned! I may even make it to two of my favorite places, Disney and Hershey Spa.
  • In addition, Fall means bringing out comfy sweaters and cute boots, like my new cowboy boots! Which I am excited to rock this fall.
  • I also love the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, which apparently according to a friend comes out Sept 6, so I know where I’ll be that morning 🙂
  • The lack of humidity is also a great thing about fall since it allows for my hair to behave and the ability to exercise without getting completely gross after only a few minutes.
  • One last thing I LOVE about fall is pumpkin picking, although it’s always a challenge to find someone to go with me. Especially since I take forever to find a pumpkin, many of my friends won’t go with me.

What do you love about Fall? What exciting things are you looking forward to?


crazy 24 hours in Howard County

First a hurricane, now apparently there is a hostage situation down the block from me! Roads are closed, heard an explosion. I am trying to be calm and stay inside, but every ounce of me wants to go see some action! They have started the noise again, we had a brief break for about 10-15 minutes. I wonder how long this is going to last! Apparently it’s been over 3 hours already, personally I think it’s been even longer than that!

I have already been out once earlier this AM to see any damage, tress down and such. Things look pretty good. It was amusing to see the snow plow out to move debris out of the roadway.

Do you have any news? How did you area deal with the storm?

earthquakes, hurricanes, oh my!

So it’s been a crazy week here in the DC area. We had an unprecedented earthquake on Tuesday 8/23 and then we are waiting for a hurricane to hit the area. All of this weather makes me think of preparedness and how unprepared so many people are to deal with a crisis or emergency. As I have mentioned before I work in HR and watching the reactions of individuals this week surprised me. Afterwards I kept having people thanking me for being “calm” in the crisis, and honestly it wasn’t that bad, I didn’t feel like we were in a crisis. I guess it does a lot to FREAK me out. I also know that if you panic nothing will get accomplished, and I have no problem taking charge, calming people down and figuring out what to do next.

Today as I prepare for the hurricane I was driving around and the roads were empty! I wonder if people evacuated this area to head further west for fear of the storm. I mean I am not hoping we loose power, but if we do than we make do. There really isn’t much you can do to counteract the weather. Remember it’s mother nature and it will just happen! I do get annoyed by people that don’t prepare at all though . . . like the people in my building leaving small items on their balconies, like flowers pots. That one’s easy people, do you really want to cause flying objects to crash into your glass doors.

Lots of people are having hurricane parties . . . I guess times like this it would be nice to have someone to hunker down with if nothing more than to pass the time. Kind of like the snow storms, I get bored easily after being alone for awhile. I think that’s part of the reason I went out to run errands. I wanted something to do before the weather gets bad.

What have you done to be prepared?

simple saturday morning

I am having a great weekend so far and a perfect Saturday morning. Besides the 6AM wake up call from the cats (which I fed them and went back to sleep)  I slept in. I having been relaxing all morning, and waiting to start my day.

Friday was fun too, after my half day I came home and took a nap. Then a quick stop at Starbucks for the Coconut Mocha Frapaccino, which again was awesome! Next I worked it out at curves. I have been practicing holding planks at the gym and now I am up to two 30 second planks, I guess it’s time to move on to holding longer. After Curves I headed down to Ikea with a friend. I purchased some fun stuff which I am excited to put up, but here’s a quick preview of the mirror I bought.

We also went to dinner at Hard Times Cafe, which was great since i haven’t been there in what feels like forever since the one in Columbia closed a few years ago.

This morning I have been catching up on girlie TV and drinking coffee (new Dunkin Donuts K-Cups). Now I must go be productive, and get ready for a fun day with a friend.

other bloggers draw you in!

Sometimes it’s the interesting comments, other times it’s a new recipe find. But this time PB fingers got me with advertising Starbucks new mocha coconut Frappuccino. Apparently it’s not really new, just new to me . . . and wow it tastes just like the samoas girl scout cookie. We all know girl scout cookies are awesome because they are a limited edition, and that’s how I feel about this drink. Luckily I just discovered it, and I am sure it’s only a summer drink so I can successfully enjoy a few before the end of summer, but not go over board.
What are some of your recent blog finds?