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Quick pizza review

I just had pizza from a local place, Waterloo, and of course it’s not NY pizza but it’s pretty good for MD. It’s not a chain pizza which helps and let’s be honest from the outside it looks like a dump. Even inside it’s kind of sad looking, since it’s at the Exxon station on Little Patuxent Pkwy, but to be honest it’s some of the best pizza in Columbia.
Today I decided to pick it up on the way home from the gym, yes I get that defeats the purpose of the gym, but I was craving pizza! I ordered a medium pepperoni, and was surprised at the price . . . they have a Monday special so my pizza was like $6. Sadly their credit card limit is $7 so I had to buy a soda since i had no cash, but it was still worth it, and I got orange soda (which I never drink). I am not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I don’t drink soda . . . the occasional ginger ale, but most don’t even consider that soda. They use the perfect amount of cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. They also manage to get the crust just how I like it, thin but not so thin it falls apart, and a little crispy, not not like a thin crust from one of those chain places.


If you are looking for other good pizza in Columbia I recommend Mamma Lucia’s (which I guess is Elkridge) and Vennari’s. I particularly like Mamma Lucia’s for more than pizza, they pasta is super delish! They give a lot of food too, which means leftovers which make the cost totally worth it . . . and it’s not just one day most times you can get 2 more meals out of just one!



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