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working from home

I know many of you out there work from home everyday, and honestly I just don’t know how you do it! Am I being more productive than if I was in the office, probably since I have no interruptions, but guess what I am bored! Yes I am getting a lot done, but I miss being in the office. What I don’t miss is the commute! If I could beam myself to the office every day that would just be perfect right?

But alas here sit hard at work . . . waiting not so patiently for a package from Fed Ex to be delivered. I ordered a new purse from my Thirty-One site.  Its the organizing shoulder bag (you can find the image on page 43 of the catalog).

Of course since I am sitting from the comfort of my home I got to eat a hot breakfast and sip my coffee as I worked in a favorite mug. Most mornings I am far to lazy to sit and each breakfast at home, I typically pack it up and eat in the car or the office. I also got to have a hot lunch, I chose leftover lasagna from the freezer.

Ok back to working on performance review editing! Oh what fun 🙂

What do you like about working from home? How do you deal with boredom?


2 thoughts on “working from home

  1. I very rarely work from home because many times I have to be in court during business hours, so it’s not practical for me. However, on the days that I have to stay at home with a sick kid, I find it very difficult to work from home not because I get bored but because I get totally distracted.


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