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Happy day it’s Thursday

Just a quick hello to the blog world! I wish I could talk about all the cool things I want to talk about, but I am going to be cryptic for a little while till I can talk about the cool things . . . now don’t you want to know more?

In life there are times you have to keep quiet for a while, even if the thing is about me, but it’s so hard! I sometimes feel like I am the type of person that over shares information. I am trying to get better about sharing things at the appropriate time, not too soon, but not so late that people feel left out. I think I share because I don’t want anyone to feel left out, but I have to think about the other person and how with this information affect them. Is it more of an annoyance for them to know or does it add value. I know that’s a lot of analyzing for a Thursday night!

I will leave you with a simple pleasure for Thursday . . . knee deep in the water somewhere! Recently the beach has been on my brain and I just want to be knee deep in the water! Thank you Zac Brown Band for making that part of my vocabulary. I am working on making that happen, not sure how much of a reality it is for any length of time.

So peeps . . . How are you at keeping secrets? How do you keep something to yourself that is yours but you want to share but can’t or shouldn’t?



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