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moving on . . .

That can mean so many things . . . but today I share with you new bedding! Remember last weekend I talk about purchasing a new bed set. Well this weekend I finally decided to move some things out of the bedroom, sorta move things around and then put on the new bed set. Take a look at the pretty new set!!

Of course if you go back to the previous post about the bed set, you remember that room looked much more sophisticated than mine, but I like mine better!

This morning I went to Thirty-One event and saw more of the new fall line. Plus I met some new women! It was a great way to spend a saturday morning, just wish it had started a little later.

For dinner tonight I went to my favorite sushi place Sake!!! Now I am home for a relaxing quiet evening since my week was so busy once again! I need to make my to-do list for tomorrow and get cracking early in the AM.

How did you enjoy your weekend? Do anything fun?


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