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Adding the fun back . . . one day at a time

So I have been a little bored with life as of late, and clearly I am not alone in this! I have seen way too many posts from friends who are feeling the same way. I have great ideas and lots of things I want to do, but never do them. Why you ask? Usually because either I don’t have anyone to go with me or I miss out because I wait too long to take advantage of it. So that’s going to change RIGHT NOW!!!

I am making my days productive, doing what I want to do (even if that means sometimes I do it alone). As is evidence from a few weeks ago, when I went to the “beach” alone. I had a great time! I met a few people I talked to while I was there and I enjoyed catching up on my reading. So I know I have no problem going at it alone.

I am also back on my learning Italian bandwagon! I am excited to do it, and it gives me something to do in the evenings besides watch tv (which in the summer there is nothing on). I dream one day I will be able to converse in Italian like a native! Since it’s part of my heritage many things related to Italy are quite important to me. Of course is the Irish side, which is why I have contemplated for years getting a four leaf clover tattoo, but after much thought that’s just not in the cards for me. But i will continue to embrace my inner Irish side!

I was just reading an article from one of my favorite inspirational people Margie Warrell. She talked about how you can make changes in your life, you just need to make the decision to do it, and at every change you S.O.A.R.2 read the article and you will understand the acronym.

Ok off to make some changes!

What changes do you want to be making in your life? How are you going to do it?


2 thoughts on “Adding the fun back . . . one day at a time

  1. Oooh! I would love to re-learn Italian! Feel free to shoot me emails in Italian so that we can practice.

    I have absolutely no time or energy to do the fun stuff that I used to do in part because of my ear and in part because of the kids. I actually have to schedule the “fun” time in. That usually means I schedule like the hour or so before I begin my evening routine to do fun stuff…


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