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Such an easy thing right? Yet it has so many different ways to be interpreted or dealt with. For instances in a work setting what’s the appropriate time that a follow-up should happen? Is it all based on the situation? Working in HR I try to follow-up as quickly as possible (which reminds me I need to respond to an email), but at what point does quick follow-up deter from a well thought out response?

I waited nearly 24 hours to respond to a sensitive situation because I knew my first response probably would not be as effective as waiting. But I realize we are in an instant gratification society and we like things to happen immediately. I wonder what the feeling for the recipient is when it takes time for a response. I also am known for quick responses on most things, so when it takes longer for me to respond do you think the person is feeling like they are “in waiting”. Or thinking this can’t be good because she hasn’t responded.

Then there the dating game. Everything goes well, you discuss a next date, but yet no definite one is in place. When do you call/text the person? Do you wait the “3-day rule”? Is that even around any more? I feel like we are always waiting for the “right time” but who knows what that is anymore. Since we are in our 30’s do we really need to still play games? Or course many of us have probably seen the movie “He’s just not that into you” or watched “Millionaire Matchmaker” and know that if a guy really wants to follow-up with you he will, whether by calling, texting, emailing, hey maybe even sending that carrier piegon (thank you harry potter).



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