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other bloggers draw you in!

Sometimes it’s the interesting comments, other times it’s a new recipe find. But this time PB fingers got me with advertising Starbucks new mocha coconut Frappuccino. Apparently it’s not really new, just new to me . . . and wow it tastes just like the samoas girl scout cookie. We all know girl scout cookies are awesome because they are a limited edition, and that’s how I feel about this drink. Luckily I just discovered it, and I am sure it’s only a summer drink so I can successfully enjoy a few before the end of summer, but not go over board.
What are some of your recent blog finds?




3 thoughts on “other bloggers draw you in!

  1. I tried one this morning and it’s delightful! I don’t know why I didn’t just try the frap before. I’d tried a hot mocha coconut but it’s NOTHING like the frap. Yum!


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