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earthquakes, hurricanes, oh my!

So it’s been a crazy week here in the DC area. We had an unprecedented earthquake on Tuesday 8/23 and then we are waiting for a hurricane to hit the area. All of this weather makes me think of preparedness and how unprepared so many people are to deal with a crisis or emergency. As I have mentioned before I work in HR and watching the reactions of individuals this week surprised me. Afterwards I kept having people thanking me for being “calm” in the crisis, and honestly it wasn’t that bad, I didn’t feel like we were in a crisis. I guess it does a lot to FREAK me out. I also know that if you panic nothing will get accomplished, and I have no problem taking charge, calming people down and figuring out what to do next.

Today as I prepare for the hurricane I was driving around and the roads were empty! I wonder if people evacuated this area to head further west for fear of the storm. I mean I am not hoping we loose power, but if we do than we make do. There really isn’t much you can do to counteract the weather. Remember it’s mother nature and it will just happen! I do get annoyed by people that don’t prepare at all though . . . like the people in my building leaving small items on their balconies, like flowers pots. That one’s easy people, do you really want to cause flying objects to crash into your glass doors.

Lots of people are having hurricane parties . . . I guess times like this it would be nice to have someone to hunker down with if nothing more than to pass the time. Kind of like the snow storms, I get bored easily after being alone for awhile. I think that’s part of the reason I went out to run errands. I wanted something to do before the weather gets bad.

What have you done to be prepared?


5 thoughts on “earthquakes, hurricanes, oh my!

  1. I have a boom box with batteries & a flashlight and 30 hours of homework to keep me occupied when Mike goes to work. He’s gotta make sure the computers stay online. I’m sure Moose will live under the bed. No power doesn’t worry me, but no internet? That will be sad.

  2. I have non-perishable junk food, water, gas in my car, cat and dog food, and wine. 🙂 We’re all set!!! The deck is empty, and the grill is tied down to the deck. It is easy to forget that something like a flower pot can become a dangerous flying object when the wind hits! I’m also kind of in denial about the whole thing – I’ll believe it when the hurricane gets here (but am prepared even in my denial 😉 )


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