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There’s a hint of fall in the air

I was inspired by a friend to write about the fall. With the hint of Fall this morning, I was thinking about it getting colder and I am not sure yet how I feel about that! There are plenty of things I love about fall, yet I am not quite ready for summer to end since I haven’t made it to the beach all summer. Although I am beginning to think perhaps that’s not in the cards this year, the night time visit (from Long Island) was quite worth it and may have to be enough!

I really enjoy fall, however I don’t really like winter, which comes after fall. I go into hibernation mode once the winter comes and I venture out only when necessary. I find excuses to stay home as often as possible. Of course I still have to head to work and stuff but the fun factor takes a dive come the winter.

Things I do love about fall are:

  • Fall shopping means outlet shopping . . . and well that’s my favorite kind! I usually head down to Rehoboth Beach outlets with my friend. We make a day of it, and make sure to stop at Sonic at some point during our trip since there are really none in the immediate area.
  • Fall also means lots of activities . . . I  feel kind of weird because although August has been busy, but fall is looking to be even busier! I have lots of concerts planned, lots of parties planned, lots of Thirty-One events planned, and most importantly some travel planned! I may even make it to two of my favorite places, Disney and Hershey Spa.
  • In addition, Fall means bringing out comfy sweaters and cute boots, like my new cowboy boots! Which I am excited to rock this fall.
  • I also love the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, which apparently according to a friend comes out Sept 6, so I know where I’ll be that morning 🙂
  • The lack of humidity is also a great thing about fall since it allows for my hair to behave and the ability to exercise without getting completely gross after only a few minutes.
  • One last thing I LOVE about fall is pumpkin picking, although it’s always a challenge to find someone to go with me. Especially since I take forever to find a pumpkin, many of my friends won’t go with me.

What do you love about Fall? What exciting things are you looking forward to?


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