Concert Review: H2O Tour (Brad Paisley)

Saturday June 24 was quite the busy day! Early morning shopping trips, including a stop at the Amish market and Corridor Wines to get Cupcake wine! But the highlight of the day was the concert!

One the way we headed to Chili’s for dinner . . . that is one of the few chain restaurants, I don’t get tired going to! I love so much on their menu it’s always hard to make a choice. This time I went for the simplicity of a bacon cheese burger, it was the perfect saltiness, although I wish I had more fries! I haven’t really had fries in a while, but in the last few weeks I have been craving them and sadly this didn’t settle it! Of course the burger wasn’t nearly as good as Second Chance burgers.

Oh yes, enough of food, back to the concert. The night was a bit warm for a September concert, but the rain held out and we just had to deal with the humidity! Jerrod Niemann kicked off the main stage and sang a few of his hits. You may know the song that reached #1, Lover Lover. My personal fav is What Do You Want and of course One More Drinkin’ Song is a fun song to sign along with.

Next up was a Blake Shelton, even if you don’t listen to country you might know him from NBC’s the Voice! He was awesome, although not kid appropriate, but put on a great show. I am a big fan of some of his new songs like Honey Bee and God Gave Me You.

Finally the headliner took the stage and as expected Brad Paisley did not disappoint. He sang a few of my favorites including: Waiting on a Woman, This is Country Music, When I Get Where I am Going, and Remind Me (you can find the full set list at

During Waiting on a Women he again showed the video in the background and let Andy Griffith’s  pipe in as if he was there during the concert (same thing for Remind Me and Carrie Underwood). It get’s me every time towards the end where Andy is sitting on a bench at the beach showing him waiting on his woman after he’s left the world, I cry every time! As if that wasn’t enough they added more tears to my show by doing a tribute to those that have passed on during When I Get Where I Am Going and ended it with a picture of the Twin Towers and a fireman looking at the wreckage! I wish I had a picture of that scene but I did find a video on youtube from a few weeks ago that shows both of the songs!

Great concert!

What’s some of your favorite concert tributes?


cupcake . . . wine this time!

I finally found my cupcake wine! I bought a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir . . . sadly the wine store I went to didn’t have Pinot Grigio, which to be honest is typically my favorite wine. so far I am enjoying the white wine. It’s a perfect blend of dry and sweet all at the same time with a hint of citrus fruit.


I do apologize for my break from posting but not much exciting has happened lately and I am sure many of you don’t care to read about my boring regular life. Stay tuned though for a concert review from Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton from Saturday night!

Cupcakes and Concerts

So what have I been up to? Not much but working and working out. Although I dedicated Sunday to a 9/11 post, Saturday night was a concert and cupcakes. Yes I know that sounds weird, but Sherri and I have a tradition. We go each year to the Toby Keith concert, which i usually around September 11. The concert is always a great tribute to out troops and those that have given the sacrifice. Surprisingly for the 10-year anniversary it was more a celebration and I loved everything about that. I didn’t even shed a tear to until the very end when they brought on stage two soldiers. Here’s an iphone camera, sadly I forgot my camera.

He played all of his greatest hits including the most recent, Made in America. After the concert we sat in the parking lot listening to the post show from WMZQ and waiting for the parking lot to clear out. For any of you that have visited Jiffy Lube Live, you know the crazy stories of people waiting to get out of the lot. I picked us up some cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place, Touche Touchet! Sadly I didn’t snap a picture before all the cupcakes were gone.

Today I decided I needed to make some cupcakes myself, so I did. This time I made the cupcakes with yellow cake and chocolate frosting. I added these cute sugar flowers to the top. I had one for tonight then the other 23 are already spoken for.

This was a great way to spend what apparently is the end of the summer weather. It’s not turned cold and fall like, good thing I had a pumpkin spice latte for breakfast!

Do you have any concert traditions?


I know where I was on 9/11/01

My guess is you (if you are old enough) remember too. It’s similiar to how previous generations remember where they were on the day Kennedy was shot or when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. I don’t need to watch all of the memorials because there really isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for happenstance.

  • I am grateful that my dad moved his office uptown and was no longer in 7 World Trade, as he was for some many years.
  • I am grateful that my uncle a member of NYPD didn’t end up in Manhattan that day.
  • I am grateful my best friend (working at the capital) wasn’t hurt by the terrorists from Flight 93.
  • I am grateful that MY FRIENDS from NY made it out of the towers that day.

But then I am sad for the blonde young man, who just got married and I had known since I was a small child because he didn’t make it out of the towers. I am sad for the firefighter I knew that perished trying to save others. I am sad for the countless others that made the ultimate sacrifice racing into the Towers and the Pentagon but didn’t make it out. I am sad for the employees, visitors, and onlookers that didn’t get out in time. I am sad for the troops we have lost fighting for our freedom and I pray for the safe return of all those still fighting for our freedom.

We not only can never forget those that are gone, but we need to remember those that are still here. We need to remember to love and be kind to those around us. We don’t know how long each of us has on this great earth!

Take a minute to say a prayer, hold a door, say thank you or just smile. Slow down and appreciate all that life has to offer, don’t over analyze every situation wondering what the future holds, because we only have the present to live the future is a gift that we may not get to open.

Go out today and hug a loved one,
send a message showing you care, make a plan to honor someone you love!

Choose your attitude

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.


So despite the ridiculous rain, and the car accident from yesterday and EVERY crazy thing that happened over the weekend I am still choosing to be happy! Yes that’s right you can choose your attitude. You can decide not to let the things that happen in your life affect how you live it. You can choose to roll with the punches and make the decision to say, it’s not that bad, it could be worse, in fact I know it’s worse for others and you choose to be happy.

As part of what makes me happy I wanted a Panera salad for lunch today, so even though it was downpouring on me, I have a great rain coat (thank you Seattle) and I trudged in got the salad and enjoyed every bit of it.

Panera Asian Salad

I am also going to head to Curves tonight and work it out! Yes I might be a little sore from the accident, but I am ok and I know a workout always feel better! I am going to make sausage and peppers for dinner (with Trader Joe’s chicken sausage), and I am going to enjoy my evening.

How do you choose your attitude? What do you do to make yourself shine on the inside when it’s a dreary day on the outside?