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End of Summer

There are a number of things living in MD I try to do every summer, sadly this year I fell one short! I have no idea how that happened, but I guess life just got busy this year.

I finally did the 2 of these things recently:

eat crabs

and head to MD winery

This year both were fairly local, since I ate crabs at Gunnings in Hanover and went to Boordy’s in Hydes, MD. Also if you remember I made it to the beach at night, had burgers and hot dogs on the grill, went to a few O’s games, including one with fireworks (which technically counts for 2 things). I also hit up Merriweather for a concert and soon Jiffy Lube live for Toby Keith. I also did a not so summer like activity, NASHVILLE for a week! And to round out things I headed to the pool a few times, although definitely not as often as usual. Hmm where did the summer go? I really need to make a list next year as I move into summer to make sure all my wants get accomplished.



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