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I know where I was on 9/11/01

My guess is you (if you are old enough) remember too. It’s similiar to how previous generations remember where they were on the day Kennedy was shot or when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. I don’t need to watch all of the memorials because there really isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for happenstance.

  • I am grateful that my dad moved his office uptown and was no longer in 7 World Trade, as he was for some many years.
  • I am grateful that my uncle a member of NYPD didn’t end up in Manhattan that day.
  • I am grateful my best friend (working at the capital) wasn’t hurt by the terrorists from Flight 93.
  • I am grateful that MY FRIENDS from NY made it out of the towers that day.

But then I am sad for the blonde young man, who just got married and I had known since I was a small child because he didn’t make it out of the towers. I am sad for the firefighter I knew that perished trying to save others. I am sad for the countless others that made the ultimate sacrifice racing into the Towers and the Pentagon but didn’t make it out. I am sad for the employees, visitors, and onlookers that didn’t get out in time. I am sad for the troops we have lost fighting for our freedom and I pray for the safe return of all those still fighting for our freedom.

We not only can never forget those that are gone, but we need to remember those that are still here. We need to remember to love and be kind to those around us. We don’t know how long each of us has on this great earth!

Take a minute to say a prayer, hold a door, say thank you or just smile. Slow down and appreciate all that life has to offer, don’t over analyze every situation wondering what the future holds, because we only have the present to live the future is a gift that we may not get to open.

Go out today and hug a loved one,
send a message showing you care, make a plan to honor someone you love!


2 thoughts on “I know where I was on 9/11/01

  1. I can not even begin to imagine how the people on the planes and in the buildings that knew what was going to happen reacted. I can’t imagine traveling with my baby and knowing we were about to hit a building. Or traveling alone or in any circumstance. It’s more then anyone should have to bare. I’m praying they felt an extreme sense of calm and God gave them peace and no pain. The same for those that had
    to jump from the buildings. If your decision was that it was better to jump then withstand the heat from the fire, I pray the Lord made calmness come to you and felt no pain, knowing you would see your loved ones again in a better place. The same for tge other planes and everyone directly effected. I will never forget it but I will never understand how this could happen. The living friends and relatives are so strong and they should never forget that.

  2. I could not agree with more. We all need to take the time to appreciate this life. To be grateful for every single day we get to see our loved ones, follow our dreams, be free, eat, smell, see beautiful photos or flowers…i could go on and on.

    After witnessing this tragedy (I was 13 going on 14) it does remind me to be thankful. I also lost both of my parents 4 years prior to 9/11.

    I’m glad to see someone else spreading this important message.

    -Sarah Miles, Memphis, TN


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