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Cupcakes and Concerts

So what have I been up to? Not much but working and working out. Although I dedicated Sunday to a 9/11 post, Saturday night was a concert and cupcakes. Yes I know that sounds weird, but Sherri and I have a tradition. We go each year to the Toby Keith concert, which i usually around September 11. The concert is always a great tribute to out troops and those that have given the sacrifice. Surprisingly for the 10-year anniversary it was more a celebration and I loved everything about that. I didn’t even shed a tear to until the very end when they brought on stage two soldiers. Here’s an iphone camera, sadly I forgot my camera.

He played all of his greatest hits including the most recent, Made in America. After the concert we sat in the parking lot listening to the post show from WMZQ and waiting for the parking lot to clear out. For any of you that have visited Jiffy Lube Live, you know the crazy stories of people waiting to get out of the lot. I picked us up some cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place, Touche Touchet! Sadly I didn’t snap a picture before all the cupcakes were gone.

Today I decided I needed to make some cupcakes myself, so I did. This time I made the cupcakes with yellow cake and chocolate frosting. I added these cute sugar flowers to the top. I had one for tonight then the other 23 are already spoken for.

This was a great way to spend what apparently is the end of the summer weather. It’s not turned cold and fall like, good thing I had a pumpkin spice latte for breakfast!

Do you have any concert traditions?



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